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Learn to Waltz
Jan/11 Thu 08:00PM–10:00PM
Jan/18 Thu 08:00PM–10:00PM
Jan/25 Thu 08:00PM–10:00PM

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up

Attendance: Each class will build on prior classes, so try to attend all classes.

Prereq: none

In choreographed ballroom dance, also called round dancing, you learn a collection of figures that you can dance in varying combinations. A cuer will tell you which figure is next as the dance proceeds, so you can dance choreographed routines that fit the music perfectly, without any need to memorize choreography. The waltz figures and technique you learn in this class will enable you to dance waltz lead/follow (without a cuer) at social dances. This is a social dance; emphasis is on getting out on the floor and having fun, not on perfect technique. As in any form of ballroom dance, there are lead and follow roles. Gender has nothing to do with which role you learn; start with whichever seems like more fun. No partner or prior dance experience needed; we will rotate partners frequently.

See this link for an example of a fun dance we will learn: