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Flipping Failure IAP 2022 Workshop Series
Jan/12 Wed 10:00AM–02:00PM
Jan/14 Fri 10:00AM–12:00PM
Jan/19 Wed 10:00AM–12:00PM

Have you ever faced an academic challenge and wished you could share what you learned with peers?

Craft and share your story by joining the Flipping Failure IAP Workshop Series

The workshop series will be a guided process of reflection and discovery to capture and transfigure your unique story. Participants will work with a media artist and a storyteller coach (and past winner of The Moth StorySLAM) to craft their stories into creative audio narratives to be featured in the Flipping Failure website.

To apply, click here

Who should participate

Any undergraduate and graduate student interested in sharing their story of academic challenge, particularly through a creative lens. 

Please note that to establish a close-knit cohort and provide adequate coaching;

  • space is limited to 6 participants.
  • attendance is required for all workshops.

Admitted participants will be notified on a rolling basis. 

We welcome stories of ALL academic challenges. We are also particularly interested in stories that address challenges in navigating professor/advisor relationships, searching for internships and academic jobs, deciding among different career paths (example, industry vs. academia), or balancing work and life. These themes recently emerged as particularly relevant to current MIT undergraduate and graduate students and are ones that are not as well represented on the Flipping Failure site.


Duration and time commitment: 

Approximately 9 hours of remote workshop time (over Zoom):

  • WED, 1/12 | 10-2 pm (with lunch break)
  • FRI, 1/14 | 10-12 pm 
  • WED, 1/19 | 10-12 pm 
  • 1-hour individual meeting scheduled at a time that works for you during week of Jan 20-27 (over Zoom)

For more information about this series navigate HERE.