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Developing a Critical History of South Asia
Jan/18 Thu 04:00PM–05:30PM

Developing a Critical History of South Asia
Jaspal Singh, Rajesh Kasturirangan; South Asian Center, Boston

We will examine in this class the European conceptions of South Asian history in contradistinction to South Asian conceptions of history. We will discuss the works of William Jones, Hegel, Max Mueller, Monier-Williams, Mircea Elliade, and other Indologists and their rendering of South Asian History. We'll also explore several ancient South Asian text as Rig Veda, Mahabharta, Rajtrangini, and other texts that bring to light what has been the indigenous conception of history. We will also trace the development of South Asian history from Antiquity to present. Guest lecturers will also make presentations on South Asian history. The event is co-sponsored by Sangam and South Asian Center.
Contact: Jaspal Singh, (617) 497-0316,