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Global Data Privacy and MIT: An Overview
Jan/17 Wed 12:00PM–01:00PM

The global landscape of data privacy laws continues to expand and evolve.  As an institution with global reach, these laws have a direct impact of MIT and its operations.  This session will provide an overview of several key data privacy laws, including the GDPR and PIPL, and will provide some practical tips to consider when MIT receives personal information subject to these laws for administrative and research purposes.

Presenters: Jason Baletsa (OGC) and Kate Miller (RMCS)


Raising Concerns at MIT: An Overview of the Ombuds Office and the Anonymous Hotline
Jan/22 Mon 01:00PM–02:00PM

This session will provide an overview of the MIT Ombuds office and the Institute’s anonymous reporting hotline.  Both resources serve the entire MIT community and offer options for raising or reporting concerns at the Institute.  Learn how each process works and what to expect when utilizing these resources.

Presenters: Kate Miller (RMCS) and Judi Segall (Ombuds Office)


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