Prehealth Advising (CAPD)

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Medical Interpreting Course
Jan/03 Mon 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/04 Tue 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/05 Wed 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/06 Thu 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/07 Fri 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/10 Mon 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/11 Tue 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/12 Wed 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/13 Thu 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/14 Fri 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/17 Mon 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/18 Tue 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/19 Wed 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/20 Thu 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/21 Fri 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/24 Mon 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/25 Tue 12:00AM–09:00PM
Jan/26 Wed 12:00AM–09:00PM

ActLingual and the Prehealth Advising Office are teaming up to offer a medical interpreting training this IAP through the University of Massachusetts Medical School! There are some very important details below so please read carefully if you are still interested in signing up:

  • Weekly classes are planned to be from Monday to Thursday starting on January 3rd- January 26 (with MLK day off). The classes will be completely virtual and at night from 6pm to 9pm. Two nights a week are dedicated to anatomy and physiology and two nights a week are dedicated to interpreter skills.
  • All languages are welcome for this course, as there will be no specific language coaching, so you should already have a good grasp on your target language.
  • Certificates will be given to students to show completion of 40 hours of interpreting training.
  • Students will need to pay $200 and non-students will pay $400 for this course. Please bring a check made out to CAPD to E-17-294

Please fill out this form if you are interested!