Office of the General Counsel

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For-Profit Company Formation and Licensing Basics for Startups
Jan/18 Thu 01:00PM–02:30PM

In this 90-minute briefing, attorneys from the MIT Office of the General Counsel will provide an overview of some of the main corporate formation and licensing topics relevant to launching your own startup.  Aspiring entrepreneurs will get an introduction to some of the liability, tax, financing, and intellectual property issues that are important to address when starting a new venture.  Topics will cover the following:

  • Corporation vs. LLC
  • Funding a Startup
  • Basic Licensing Models
  • Important Guidelines for Startups Utilizing MIT IP
  • Community Resources
  • Q&A

Presenters: Matthew Fucci, OGC and Claire Schneider, OGC​​​​​​​

Global Data Privacy and MIT: An Overview
Jan/17 Wed 12:00PM–01:00PM

The global landscape of data privacy laws continues to expand and evolve.  As an institution with global reach, these laws have a direct impact of MIT and its operations.  This session will provide an overview of several key data privacy laws, including the GDPR and PIPL, and will provide some practical tips to consider when MIT receives personal information subject to these laws for administrative and research purposes.

Presenters: Jason Baletsa (OGC) and Kate Miller (RMCS)


Introduction to Legal Issues In Higher Education
Jan/25 Thu 02:00PM–03:00PM

Overview of key legal issues affecting institutions of higher education, including Title IX, FERPA, and affirmative action. 

Presenters: Jay Wilcoxson (OGC) and  Anthony Moriello (OGC)

Nonprofit Organizations: Paying it Forward
Jan/24 Wed 03:00PM–04:30PM

Paying it Forward--

This session will address the questions that should be asked by all budding philanthropists.  Whether you envision yourself working for a nonprofit or contributing to one, this session will get you started!  Chat with lawyers from MIT’s Office of General Counsel.

1. What type of organization will best suit your goals?

  • Nonprofit corporation described in Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3)
  • Private foundation versus public charity
  • Fiscal sponsorships
  • Donor advised funds
  • Supporting organizations

Basic rules for what a section 501(c)(3) organization can and cannot do

Steps to take to form a nonprofit corporation

2. Other topics

     Joint ventures with for-profit organizations

    A new wave of philanthropy, called “impact investing,” has become commonplace.  It refers to charitable donors who want to do more than just make               unrestricted gifts but to bring business principles to the operation of a charitable organization.

    Operating abroad

Presenters: Lorry Spitzer (OGC )  and Richelle Nessralla (OGC)


Using Protected Health Information for MIT Research: An Overview
Jan/25 Thu 12:00PM–01:00PM

Join us for an informal discussion about the use of protected health information for MIT research. This session will provide guidance on how MIT receives PHI from third party providers for MIT research projects and share best practices for securing the sensitive data while on campus. The session will involve presentations from both OGC and OSATT and will include an open Q&A session.