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MIT VMS Boot Camp Event: Crash Course in Enterprise B2B Sales 4 Startups
Jan/10 Mon 09:00AM–12:00PM
Jan/11 Tue 09:00AM–12:00PM

Presented by VMS Mentor Kent Summers:

A 2-Day Crash-Course!

As a popular (14+ year) IAP course on “B2B sales,” this workshop is consistently received by attendees with a great deal of enthusiasm and positive reviews. Highlighting practical knowledge of "how to sell," the sessions provide entrepreneurs starting a new venture and business school graduates entering a new profession with basic sales knowledge, skills and tools for success: how to target enterprise sales opportunities, manage a sales process, acquire customers and generate revenue.  

This boot camp includes 2 days of 3-hour sessions, combining lecture, interactive exercises, and anecdotal evidence from real sales situations. During the 2-day boot camp, you will focus on basic concepts, tools and mechanics for sales focus and efficiency. You will also learn more “qualitative” aspects of selling, with emphasis on how to navigate an organization, overcome obstacles and objections, build buyer team consensus, and negotiate to close deals. Attendees will also troubleshoot “failed sales case studies” and recommend corrective action or behavior. 

Kent Summers has been offering the Sales Boot Camp in collaboration with VMS since 2008. He regularly presents sales workshops at the Harvard MBA program, the Wharton School of Business and many domestic and international business accelerators. Summers founded and sold three software companies in the Boston area, and since 2002, has helped many new MIT companies navigate critical sales strategy and execution challenges. His success with early-stage ventures and enterprise sales is uniquely suited to the needs of start-ups and scale-up ventures.


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MIT VMS IAP UX Boot Camp: Defining the Problem Statement, User Experience Research and Journey Mapping
Jan/13 Thu 05:30PM–07:30PM

Presented by Karen Donoghue and Craig Newell

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You’re an early-stage founder with a new product concept, or you are thinking of developing a new product. To realize your idea with the least amount of risk, you should validate the product idea before building it. This involves designing a prototype and gathering customer feedback to fine-tune the product, validating your assumptions about the benefits of your product and to whom your offering is delivering value.

User experience exists at the intersection of the needs of end-users, business needs, technology capabilities and engineering realities - and is a continual balancing act between all of these constraints. Your product’s user experience should function like a well-oiled machine, driving user behavior that enables your business model to flourish. Conversely, a poor user experience damages customers’ perception of your product and can grind your business model to a halt. 

This 2-hour UX Bootcamp presented by MIT VMS assumes little or no prior technical or UX experience and provides concrete recommendations on designing, validating and de-risking new software product concepts. 


Topics covered:

  • User experience in the context of envisioning new products
  • How to develop a great Problem Statement
  • Personas and User Research: how to build knowledge about end-users of your product to create the right solution for the right customer
  • Journey mapping: understand your end users’ journey with your product to deliver the right experience


About the Presenters:

Karen Donoghue (MS MIT Media Lab) is a practicing product designer with many years of experience delivering successful projects for startups and corporate clients. Karen founded and runs HumanLogic, a user experience consultancy. She is a former Principal UX Designer at Microsoft and a Senior UI Design Manager/Architect at Motorola, where she worked on designing the enabling software platform and UI framework for the Razr2 cell phone. Karen has been holding UX Expert Office Hours at MIT VMS and advising VMS entrepreneurs since 2011.

Craig Newell is the former Chief Architect for Mobile at VMware and a Principal at HumanLogic. Craig co-founded and was Chief Architect at SavaJe Technologies, a VC-backed mobile device platform startup in Boston acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Together, Karen and Craig launched Local Haze, an iPhone app that crowdsources air quality sensor data for over 29,000 sensors across six continents. In 2021, Karen and Craig co-authored the book “Envision Product User Experience for Founders”.


This bootcamp is designed for MIT IAP participants, VMS entrepreneurs, early-stage founders and teams and grad and undergrad students who are learning about becoming entrepreneurs – but all are welcome to join.

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