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IAP Course - nanoStories: Workshop on science communication at the nanoscale
Jan/04 Tue 02:30PM
Jan/06 Thu 02:30PM
Jan/11 Tue 02:30PM
Jan/13 Thu 02:30PM
Jan/18 Tue 02:30PM
Jan/20 Thu 02:30PM

Designed for students with an interest in science communication and STEAM outreach. Guided by instructors, in each two-hour class students will explore a new topic, jointly developing an instructional narrative to be told in text, video, and/or interactive multimedia. Outside of MIT labs, nanoscience and nanotechnology appear mysterious. Help us demystify them! The content of the classes will reflect research/exploratory interests of participants.

Instructors: Prof. Vladimir Bulovic, Director of MIT.nano; Dr. Annie Wang, Research Scientist; and Samantha Farrell, Administrative Assistant; and special guest speakers from MIT.nano, the MIT News Office, PBS Nova and TedX Boston. 

Tuesday & Thursday starting January 4 and ending January 20 (Jan. 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20).

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Registration deadline: January 3, 2022. Open to MIT community, limited to 60 participants. To receive course credit (optional), register for 6.S090 (U, 6-units).


IAP Course- Hands-on Fabrication on Zoom
Jan/24 Mon 04:00PM

Learn about micro-fabrication techniques, and join us via Zoom for a live fabrication demo inside the MIT.nano cleanrooms! Learn about thin-film deposition, lithography, and etching processes at the micro- and nano-scale—and how to combine these techniques to build a semiconductor device (such as you might find in your computers or phones). For our demo, we’ll start by taking a screenshot in Zoom and then use the MIT.nano tools to turn it into a diffraction grating on a silicon wafer! At the end of the session, we’ll place the wafer inside the window of the fab, so you can come by and see it (safely from outside the building), whenever you’re back on campus!

Instructor: Jorg Scholvin, Assistant Director of User Services, Fab.nano

Monday, January 24, 2021
4:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST

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No enrollment limit, and open to all members of the MIT community.
Interested undergraduates can also check out the 6.152J lab for a hands-on lab using MIT.nano this spring (you’ll be the one actually using the equipment in the lab—to design, build and test your own device ideas). Read about the Fall 2019 course at MIT News.

IAP Course: A practical introduction to biomechanics
Jan/25 Tue 10:00AM

Most of us learn to breathe and walk and move at a time that we can’t recall much from and use these skills throughout our lives without really knowing how exactly they work, and how to improve them. Several scientists and artists have spent their lives deciphering how these processes work. Their insights can help you perfect your craft if you are an athlete, martial artist, performance artist, or even interested in improving your health and well-being.

In this course, you will see how motion capture and physiological recordings can be applied to understand more deeply how our body achieves tasks that seem intuitive and easy to us, and how these tools can be used in research, education, and athletic and artistic improvement.

Hosted by the MIT.nano Immersion Lab
Instructor: Dr. Praneeth Namburi, Postdoctoral Associate

January 25, 2022
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This will be a 1-day virtual course on Tuesday, Jan 25 from 10am to 12pm. (Please note the change from the original listing.)

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This course is sponsored by the MIT.nano Immersion Lab, which provides space, tools, and a platform to connect scientists and engineers with artists, musicians, and performers through creative projects that bridge multiple disciplines. It also showcases the capabilities of the MIT Clinical Research Center, which supports human research and medical innovation.

Registration deadline: January 21, 2022. 

IAP Course: Introduction to Blender: Modeling, materials, and simulations
Jan/19 Wed 12:00AM

Introduction to Blender: Modeling, materials, and simulations is an introductory class that provides a basic overview of the Blender software. During this two-hour session, we will introduce 3D modeling, materials, and simulations in Blender and help you kickstart your own 3D creations. This session is designed to give you the resources and skills to create your own 3D models that can be applied to game design, architecture, simulations, animations, and more. (beginners)

Hosted by the MIT.nano Immersion Lab
Instructor: Talis Reks, AR/VR/Gaming/Big Data IT Technologist

January 19, 2022
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Registration deadline: January 8, 2022

Launch into IAP with MIT.nano
Jan/03 Mon 08:00AM

Join MIT.nano IAP instructors to learn about MIT.nano's offerings during IAP. Ask questions about the classes and workshops, meet MIT.nano staff and fellow MIT community members, and find out what exciting things MIT.nano will offer in-person and virtually during IAP 2022.

This info session will take place virtually and no pre-registration is required.

Visit the MIT.nano 2022 IAP courses website for the zoom link!