MIT Music and Theater Arts

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Jazz Improv and Combo Workshop
Jan/08 Mon 06:00PM–08:00PM
Jan/15 Mon 06:00PM–08:00PM
Jan/22 Mon 06:00PM–08:00PM
Jan/29 Mon 06:00PM–08:00PM

Jazz Improv and Combo Workshop, all levels welcome. Learn a process approach to jazz improvisation through standard tunes and recordings. Contact Keala Kaumeheiwa with questions:
Monday evenings (1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29) 6-8pm, Room 24-033F

MIT Institooters
Jan/08 Mon 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/11 Thu 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/15 Mon 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/18 Thu 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/22 Mon 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/25 Thu 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/29 Mon 05:00PM–06:30PM

Become an lnstitooter! Improve your flute skills while learning and performing fun, beautiful music in a wide range of musical styles from the 16th-21st centuries. Bass flutes, alto flutes and piccolos will be made available. Taught by Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, MIT Adjunct Flute Instructor Meets Mondays and Thursdays 5-6:30pm in 4-162 through IAP. 

Intermediate to advanced performance level, preferably with previous experience playing in musical ensembles. Enrollment by permission of instructor (non-credit). Contact 

Middle Eastern Ensemble
Jan/11 Thu 06:00PM–08:00PM
Jan/18 Thu 06:00PM–08:00PM
Jan/25 Thu 06:00PM–08:00PM

Join us as we learn about and perform traditional music from the Middle East including, but not limited to countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Armenia! We will end IAP with a performance.
Due to the structure of this music instrumentation is open to:
1. Strings - (unlimited) including cello, viola, bass, violin, erhu, etc.
2. Percussion (max. 2) - The two percussion instruments we will be learning, darbuka and riqq, are available to borrow.
3. Traditional melodic instruments such as the oud, ney, kanun. 

Email to sign up! Meetings will take place from 6-8pm on Thursdays in Room 4-364.

Music in Video Games
Jan/10 Wed 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/17 Wed 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/24 Wed 01:00PM–03:00PM

How does the music of a video game impact how you play it?
How do we describe the features of music that lead us to feel a certain way when we play games?

This non-credit, IAP short course is an introduction to how sound and music work in video games. Primarily through the application of musical terminology to our own experience playing games we will practice becoming more intentional players, noticing how sound impacts our game-play experience. We’ll do this by creating together a community of musical interest to talk about video game music supported by shared engagement with particular games, videos, some reading, and guided gameplay journaling. To show off what we’ve learned, you can complete a choose-your-own adventure project to share with one another.

Contact Instructor for approval: Ben Hansberry