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Cooking with Antoinette
Jan/20 Thu 12:00PM–01:30PM

Antoinette’s cooking sessions are always open to the entire MIT community, and you are welcome to cook with us or just observe!

Please join us for the IAP cooking session on Thursday, January 20 from 12noon to 1:30pm.

This month, Antoinette will be showing us how to cook a Caribbean dish, Stew Curry Chicken Pelau (*can be made without meat), as well as a Quick Coleslaw. 

*Note: For the stew curry chicken pelau, if possible please marinate the chicken overnight before we meet on Zoom.

Recipes for 2021-2022 are found here.

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Declutter Your Mind and Tidy Up Your Job Search
Jan/27 Thu 12:00PM–01:00PM

"Marie Kondo" your upcoming US or international job search!

It’s no secret that job searching can be a long, and sometimes demoralizing slog. In this workshop, we will share tools* & best practices for the efficient and effective job search, so that you can finish the academic year strong while making serious progress on your goal of landing a job you love. By participating, you’ll effectively de-clutter your mental load while tidying up your career goals to-do list.

Following our tips & tricks, we'll turn on some music and build in time and support for you to start on the right foot.

*We will be sharing resources using Airtable. If you do not already have an Airtable account, it might help you to get a free account before joining this event.

This event is a collaboration between the International Students Office & Career Advising and Professional Development.

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