MIT Guild of Bellringers

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Introduction to Change Ringing - Virtually
Jan/05 Wed 07:00PM–08:30PM
Jan/10 Mon 07:00PM–08:30PM
Jan/12 Wed 07:00PM–08:30PM
Jan/19 Wed 07:00PM–08:30PM
Jan/24 Mon 07:00PM–08:30PM
Jan/26 Wed 07:00PM–08:30PM

Join the MIT Guild of Bellringers for an introduction to the art of change ringing.  Change ringing is a way of ringing bells with teams of ringers working together to create music in mathematical permutation form.  These sessions will be virtual, with some explanation then we'll use an online virtual platform, developed by a former MIT student, to practice change ringing.  We'll meet on google meetup then move to a Discord server.  Headphone are recommended for virtual ringing.

Come to any or all sessions.  If Covid allows, we may add in-person sessions at the local bell towers later in the month.