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CMS.S61/S97 DJ Culture and Performance
Jan/04 Tue 01:00PM–04:00PM
Jan/11 Tue 01:00PM–04:00PM
Jan/18 Tue 01:00PM–04:00PM
Jan/25 Tue 01:00PM–04:00PM
Jan/27 Thu 01:00PM–03:00PM

Students will learn the foundational practices of the live DJ (disk jockey) and explore music and dance scenes across several generations and cultures. Lectures will cover the evolution of the craft and technologies of the DJ and students will have access to equipment to practice mixing music. Students will complete the course by recording a presentation or performance to highlight a chosen contemporary or historical dance scene from around the world.

No prior experience is necessary, but students must sustain interest in some form of popular dance music, broadly defined.