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Beyond the Lab: Journey from Scientist to Founder
Jan/29 Mon 02:30PM–05:00PM
Jan/30 Tue 02:30PM–05:00PM

Hosted by E14 Fund and MAS, this engaging workshop will bring together MIT founders to share their experiences and insights on transitioning from scientists and engineers to entrepreneurs. The workshop is designed to guide you through the entrepreneurial process, encourage meaningful connections with both experienced and budding founders, and build a supportive community of peers at various stages of their startup journey.

Space is limited and applications to join are due by Dec 18.

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About the E14 Fund: The E14 Fund is the MIT-affiliated early-stage venture fund. Born at the MIT Media Lab, E14’s mission is to serve the MIT community and invest in scalable, deep-tech startups. E14 donates a significant portion of profits to MIT.

Generative AI & Music Workshop [IAP 2024]
Jan/10 Wed 02:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/12 Fri 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/15 Mon 05:00PM–06:00PM
Jan/17 Wed 02:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/19 Fri 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/22 Mon 05:00PM–06:00PM
Jan/24 Wed 02:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/26 Fri 01:00PM–03:00PM

Interested in the applications of Generative AI to the areas of musical expression and composition? Join us this IAP for a 3-week workshop during which we will be both discussing the most important tools and models in this ever-changing domain, and working towards applying these technologies to a brand new application. We will meet 4-6 hours a week (see schedule below), and work towards creating a Final Project (see ideas below). There is no prerequisites other than a willingness to learn and to participate in the group effort, so feel free to join us!