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IAP - Introduction to Total Scattering
Jan/27 Thu 10:00AM–12:00PM

Total scattering or pair distribution function analysis (PDF) is an analytical technique that provides structural information from disordered materials by using the complete powder XRD pattern (Bragg scattering from long-range order and diffuse scattering from local structure).  Typical materials can be amorphous, poorly crystalline, nano-crystalline or nano-structured. Examples of samples are:

Pharmaceutical ingredients

The Materials Research Laboratory has recently acquired a Mo X-ray source Panalytical Empyrean X-ray diffratometer capable of performing X-ray total scattering measurements. The new Empyrean has a 3kW Mo X-ray source with focusing optic, transmission capillary spinner stage with alignment camera, and Galipix 3D CdTe area detector (100% efficient for Mo radiation) that is optimized for rapid PDF measurements.

If you're interested in learning advanced X-ray scattering technqiues to get the most structural information from your non-ideal material system, feel free to attend the in-person session!