Make It To Break It (MITBI)

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Build a Rube Goldberg Machine: Make It to Break It (MITBI) Meeting
Jan/12 Fri 04:30PM–06:00PM
Jan/14 Sun 03:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/17 Wed 04:30PM–06:00PM
Jan/19 Fri 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/21 Sun 03:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/24 Wed 04:30PM–06:00PM
Jan/26 Fri 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/28 Sun 03:00PM–05:00PM

Are you looking for something to do for IAP? Join Make It to Break It (MITBI) this IAP to help construct a world-record Rube-Goldberg machine! We are a student-run Edgerton Center build team constructing a Rube-Goldberg machine that tells a story: a history of inventions in various fields including transportation, communication, and entertainment. 

No experience is needed! We’ll help you learn CAD, woodwork, machining, and other skills you’ll need for the project. Fill out this interest form with your availability for the month!

Note: Current meeting times are tentative and based on availability of members. Fill out the form to be added to the MITBI Slack and meeting times will move to times most members are available.