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Restorative Justice: ICEO Community Dialogues
Jan/19 Wed 12:00PM–01:00PM
Transforming Communities, Classrooms and Conflict
Restorative justice challenges us to hold ourselves and our communities accountable to cultivating and maintaining the relationships and systems that deeply center our humanity and align with our core values. How can restorative practices be used to not only address interpersonal harm but transform the ways in which we live, work and learn together in service of a more just and equitable society?
In this interactive presentation and discussion, participants will be introduced to the indigenous origins and core tenants of restorative justice; its contemporary practices and applications on college campuses, and how it can help us realize our vision for equity, inclusion and belonging. 
The session will be led by Nina Harris, Restorative Resolutions Coordinator (Institute Discrimination Harassment & Response).
The Future is Flexible: MLK Scholar Kristen Dorsey
Jan/27 Thu 12:00PM–01:00PM

MLK Visiting Scholar Kristen Dorsey talks about developments in soft mechanical sensors, 3D printed textiles, and more; the need for culture change in academic to support a more diverse generation of engineers.