Experimental Study Group

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Radically Rethinking Entrepreneurship: How product diseases kill startups and what to do instead
Jan/18 Tue 06:30PM–08:30PM
Jan/19 Wed 06:30PM–08:30PM

This virtual 2-session seminar challenges conventional wisdom that the key to entrepreneurship is to iterate quickly, fail-fast-learn-fast, and pivot till you find product-market fit. For every company that found success by over relying on iteration, there’s a vast graveyard of startups that died after catching product diseases. It’s taught by experienced entrepreneur and MIT alumna, Radhika Dutt, who has participated in 4 exits and is the author of Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter. In the span of 2 workshops you’ll engage in hands-on exercises and learn how you can build successful products in a repeatable manner. You’ll also learn how you can embrace the responsibility that comes with this superpower so you can avoid creating digital pollution as you build world-changing products. This IAP course serves as a preview to the Experimental Study Group's  spring 2022 seminar, ES.S70.

To participate in this workshop, please send email to rdutt@alum.mit.edu and request the zoom link, which will be sent to you the day before the first session.