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IAP Non-Credit Class: 2D to 3D: Orthographic Projection and Linear Perspective Workshop
Jan/22 Mon 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/23 Tue 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/24 Wed 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/25 Thu 01:00PM–03:00PM
Jan/26 Fri 01:00PM–03:00PM

One week workshop aimed at working through the various methods to go from a two-dimensional drawing to a three-dimensional drawing, by hand. The workshop will specifically work through Axonometric and Isometric projections as well as 1, 2, and 3 point constructed linear perspectives. Supplies will be provided but feel free to bring your favorite pencil and/or ruling device!

Instructor: Thomas King

  • Advance sign-up required by January 8, 2024 
  • Attendance required at all meetings
IAP Non-Credit Class: Atlas — From corpse to cosmic, 1:10 to 1:0000000, 0 to infinite
Jan/08 Mon 10:00AM–01:00PM
Jan/15 Mon 10:00AM–01:00PM
Jan/22 Mon 10:00AM–01:00PM
Jan/29 Mon 10:00AM–01:00PM

This class is about making maps across scales. To the cartographers, maps are never neutral. It gives rise to decision-making that are first and foremost political—to  include, to exclude, to highlight, to hide away—which speaks to  a desired audience that is specific, if not social and cultural. That is to say that making maps is also about mapping space and  time.

Every session, we will explore a specific way of representing maps—the map of bodies, communities, cities, systems, territories, wars, and invisible traces to the globe. Students will be able to learn modes of illustrating and plotting maps, basics of GIS (in this case QGIS, but we could also talk about ArcGIS if desired), workflows between 2D and 3D representation of terrains, urban fabrics, data visualizations through illustrator and rhino, that could later compile into an atlas of drawings.

The class will run 3 hours, with the first 1 to 1.5 hours dedicated to theories and case studies of mapping and the second 1 to 1.5 hours dedicated to specific technical workshops. The  format is also flexible depending on the class size and the  students' desires.

While there is no specific "final output" for this course, it  would be great if everyone know what kinds of atlas/maps/drawings or skills they would expect the course to teach them as  an initial survey.

Note: Course will meet on the Monday, January 15 holiday (virtually).

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in Illustrator/Rhino

Limited to 8: sign up here

IAP Non-Credit Class: From Byte to Geometry: Algorithmic and Parametric 3D Design
Jan/17 Wed 02:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/19 Fri 02:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/22 Mon 02:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/24 Wed 02:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/26 Fri 02:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/29 Mon 02:00PM–05:00PM

Introduces algorithmic aspects of computer-aided design. The workshop explores applications of fundamental computer algorithms and data structures in the realm of 3D modeling, encourages hands-on practices, and guides participants through the art of generative sculpting. Topics include computational geometry, recursion, graph theory, etc. with tutorials of implementation in Rhino and Grasshopper.



  • Basic 3D modeling experiences in any software is recommended.
  • Basic computer programming experiences in any language is recommended.

Students should bring a laptop to all sessions.

No fee. Register here.

IAP Non-Credit Class: Setting the Table – Representing HER
Jan/10 Wed 01:00PM–05:00PM
Jan/10 Wed 03:00PM–05:00PM

Class runs from January 10-26, 2024, MWF 1-5 pm.

The workshop, 'Setting the Table — Representing HER' spans three weeks and focuses on equipping students with the necessary tools to create a zine booklet featured at the Shift+W Represent HER - The Female Architect exhibit in the Keller Gallery next spring.

During our initial week, we'll engage in exercises centered on table conversations and research techniques. Moving into the second week, we would delve into various forms of representation, aiding students in expressing their intentions and motivations. In our third week, participants will gain design skills to craft a visually captivating zine showcasing their thorough research and visual work.

The workshop explores how gender diversity influences design by examining the interplay between female architectural representation and broader societal implications.

Sign-up by Friday, January 5, 2024.