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Careers Beyond the Bench: Using your PhD in the Business World
Jan/25 Thu 01:00PM–02:30PM

Lauren Mifflin, PhD

Vice President of Company Creation, Frazier Life Sciences

Drew Lowery, PhD

Director of Life Sciences, Global Prior Art

Stephane Ricoult, PhD

Senior Director, Simon Kucher & Partners

Hear from industry leaders who successfully leveraged their graduate training in the business world. Learn about careers in consulting, IP patent law, and life sciences investment.

Session organizers: Bonnie Su
Abdallah Mohamed

Communicating Your Science Visually
Jan/10 Wed 02:00PM–04:00PM

Sebastian Lourido

Associate Professor of Biology, MIT Core Member, Whitehead Institute

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and apply skills and tricks to present their research on slides, figures, or posters. With degrees in both science and art, Sebastian Lourido will equip participants with skills needed for illustrating their science and sharing it with the public.

Session organizer: Joey Davis

Community Outreach: From Ideas to Action
Jan/17 Wed 04:00PM–05:00PM

Noelle Wakefield, PhD

Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives and Director, MIT Summer Research Program

Gisselle Vélez Ruiz, PhD

Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Broad Institute

Taylor Baum

CEO and Founder of Sprouting

Join us for a panel discussion about outreach initiatives! Learn about our panelists' career trajectories and how to be involved in outreach efforts.

Session organizers: Gabriella Lopez Perez Julia Dierksheide

Cultivating Everyday Mindfulness: Discovering Your Path to a Fulfilling Life and Career
Jan/11 Thu 03:30PM–05:00PM

Jia Jia Zhang, PhD

Michaela Bartusel PhD

In this workshop, we will introduce several mindfulness concepts and discuss why and how practicing mindfulness in everyday life can help develop your self- awareness and motivation to experience greater overall well-being in work and in school.

From Lab to Leadership: Navigating Biotech & Pharma Career Trajectories
Jan/18 Thu 04:00PM–05:30PM

Kathleen McGinness, PhD

Vice President, Arrakis Therapeutics

Bryce Carey, PhD

Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Jon Kenniston, PhD

Director, Takeda

Explore the journey from the bench to leadership roles with industry experts from Arrakis Therapeutics, Takeda, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. They will discuss transitioning from academia to the dynamic biotech and pharma industries, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in mentorship and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Session organizers: Danica Cui Jennifer Kosmatka

Fueled by Innovation: How Top Biotech Co- founders Ignite Startup Success
Jan/26 Fri 11:30AM–01:00PM


Gevorg Grigoryan, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Generate Biomedicines

Reshma Shetty, PhD

Co-founder, President, and Chief Operations Officer, Ginkgo Bioworks

Thomas de Vlaam

Founder at Amylon Therapeutics Principal at Pillar VC

Jonathan Moore, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Science Advisor, Rectify Pharma

Delve into the founding narratives of Generate Biomedicines, Ginkgo Bioworks, Rectify Pharma, and Amylon Therapeutics. Refine your approach to company pitching with valuable do's and don'ts from an experienced venture capital perspective. Submit questions in advance here:

Harnessing AI to drive mechanistic discovery: lessons from genome maintenance
Jan/30 Tue 04:00PM–05:30PM

5th talk in the Seminar Series "Integrative Structural Biology"


Johannes Walter, PhD

Professor of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School

Integrated structural parasitology of malaria parasites
Jan/23 Tue 04:00PM–05:30PM

4th talk in the Seminar Series "Integrative Structural Biology"


Mimi Ho, PhD

Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Columbia University

MICOS in focus: exploring mitochondrial dysfunction and aging through 3D reconstruction
Jan/08 Mon 04:00PM–05:30PM

1st talk in the Seminar Series "Integrative Structural Biology"

Speaker:  Dr. Antentor O. Hinton, Jr, PhD  Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt University 

Pathways to Industry: Internships and Postdocs
Jan/29 Mon 01:00PM–02:30PM

Yami Acevedo-Sanchez, PhD Candidate

Interned, Abbvie;

Allen Sanderlin, PhD Candidate

Internship course/Pfizer;

Lara Tshering, PhD,

Postdoctoral Fellow, Pfizer;

Lauren Cotnoir,

Abbvie Senior Specialist, R&D Early Career Programs, Abbvie;

Raghu Ram Katreddi, PhD,

Postdoctoral Fellow, Discovery Neuroscience, Abbvie;

Come learn about internship and postdoc opportunities for current PhD students. Hear first hand experiences from past interns and current postdocs in industry, and come chat one-on-one with panelists and recruiters while enjoying refreshments after the panel.

Session organizers: Mira May
Gabriella Lopez Perez

Tackling supramolecular complexes in innate immunity with cryo-EM and other approaches
Jan/09 Tue 04:00PM–05:30PM

2nd talk in the Seminar Series "Integrative Structural Biology"


Hao Wu, PhD

Asa and Patricia Springer Professor of Structural Biology, Harvard Medical School


Teaching with a PhD: Exploring Teaching- focused Career Options
Jan/24 Wed 01:00PM–02:00PM

Leah Okumura, PhD

Senior Instructor, Biological Sciences Laboratory, Wellesley College

Summer Morrill, PhD

Instructor in Science, Phillips Exeter Academy

Elizabeth Dunphy, PhD

Professor, Bunker Hill Community College

Interested in teaching but not sure what type of academic institution would be the best fit? Come learn about our panelists’ experiences teaching at a high school, community college, and a primarily undergraduate institution.

Session organizers: Julia Dierksheide Hannah LeBlanc

Using cryo-EM to build atomic models of ciliary axonemes
Jan/16 Tue 04:00PM–05:30PM

3rd talk in the Seminar Series "Integrative Structural Biology"


Alan Brown, PhD

Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School