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Buddhist Meditation
Jan/19 Fri 09:30AM–11:00AM
Jan/19 Fri 01:30PM–03:00PM
Jan/19 Fri 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/20 Sat 09:30AM–11:00AM
Jan/20 Sat 01:30PM–03:00PM
Jan/20 Sat 05:00PM–06:30PM
Jan/21 Sun 09:30AM–11:00AM
Jan/21 Sun 01:30PM–03:00PM
Jan/21 Sun 05:00PM–06:30PM

Buddhist Meditation IAP


Dates: January 19 - 21 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Location: SPXCE Room (W31-110)

There will be 3 drop-in sessions each day for 3 different meditation traditions.

Mind (9:30-11:00 AM): Vipassana meditation - Learn how to focus through contemplative meditation

Hand (1:30-3:00 PM): Yogic meditation - Learn to prepare the body for meditation focused on bodily harmony

Heart (5:00-6:30 PM): Metta meditation - Learn to spread love with mantras intended to open the heart <3

Some of the guest meditation leaders are listed below!  Tea will be served.

  • Ven. Dorjey Dolma (Tibetan)
  • Ven. Deung Myoung Sunim (Korean)
  • Ven. Tenzin Gyurmey (Tibetan)
  • Ven. Nedagamuwe Samitha Thero (Bhante Samitha) (Sri Lankan)
  • Saly Sirothphiphat (Thai)
  • Prahlad Iyengar (Hindu)
  • Dr. Santoshkumar Raut (Indian Buddhist)
  • Kyle Saisakorn Sandberg HDS MDiv student with IMS experiences
Theravāda Buddhist Traditions
Jan/24 Wed 07:00PM–09:00PM
Jan/25 Thu 07:00PM–09:00PM
Jan/30 Tue 06:00PM–08:00PM


Not all Buddhists meditate, in fact, some do not meditate at all!... Then, what do the Buddhists do and what do the Buddhists believe in? Can we really generalize their practices and beliefs? What comes with the tradition do we lose when focusing mostly and heavily on meditation alone? 

This three day introductory IAP takes you into the fun, vibrant, ornamented, messy, breathing, controversial Theravāda Buddhism, one of the earliest kinds of Buddhism, which is still practiced in some parts of Southeast Asia and in Sri Lanka. The course focuses on Thailand and Myanmar through the eyes of Theravāda Buddhists. 

You will learn basic knowledge and vocabs to talk about the tradition like scriptures, teachings, and practices. You will be introduced to some complex issues and questions regarding the tradition. Comments, questions, concerns, and dialogues are welcome. On the last day, there will be home-cooked Thai food for everyone while the conversation focusing on food and faith. 

No background in anything is needed! Just be ready to step into the world of the unseens, animals, ghosts, relics, flowers, dust, and magics where time doesn't work the same way you're familiar with. 

Session 1: January 24 (Wednesday) 7-9 pm W11-155  Theme: The Pāli Canon and the Theravāda World through the eyes of Theravāda Buddhists

Session 2: January 25 (Thursday) 7-9 pm W11-155 Theme: Theravāda Buddhism and its relationship with other traditions in present days Thailand

Session 3: January 30 (Thursday) 6-8pm + home-cooked Thai food will be provided W11-190 Theme: Food and Faith

All sections are led by Saly Sirothphiphat an MDiv II student at Harvard Divinity School, a Thai Theravāda Buddhist and Win Kyaw Harvard Divinity School MTS '22 who studies Myanmar and Theravāda Buddhism. 

Hosted by the Addir Interfaith Dialogue Program