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Freezer Challenge 2022 Information Session
Jan/26 Wed 10:00AM–11:00AM

Looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of scientific research, save energy on freezers, improve access to your samples, and get recognized for your efforts?


Join us during this information session to learn more about the 2022 International Laboratory Freezer Challenge and how you can participate and implement optimal cold storage management practices. All labs with freezers / refrigerators are encouraged to participate and get recognized in the 2022 International Laboratory Freezer Challenge, organized by My Green Lab with the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). 


Presented / sponsored by: MIT Safe and Sustainable Labs (S2L) Program

A joint initiative between Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Department of Facilities (DOF), and Office of Sustainability (MITOS) in alignment with MIT's Climate Action Plan.

Mycotecture, BioHab, MycoHab and Regenerative Food, Medicine, Materials: A surprisingly digital (r)evolution in agriculture and construction
Jan/28 Fri 12:15PM–03:00PM

Online only with interactive live video of mycotecture techniques.

Dr. Andreas Mershin, director of the MIT Label Free Research Group, hosts key doers in the mycotecture regenerative agriculture and construction materials industries in a series of short presentations and panel Q&A followed by hands-on, live and interactive demonstration of mycotecture techniques by Chris Maurer, via video link to redhouse studios in Cleveland, OH.

Using the exemplar of the BioHab, a joint MIT-SBG-redhouse project currently being deployed in Namibia, architect and founder of redhouse studio Chris Maurer will explain working mycelium methods to reform agriwaste leveraging inflatables to create superior new “bioterials”, self-reproducing buildings, edible and medicinal mushrooms all in one process. Carolyn Cameron-Kirksmith, head of Group Strategic Development of Standard Bank Group and BioHAB will cover Africa’s largest bank continued investment in mco-R&D as well as entrepreneurial deployment directly to market after establishing growing mushrooms operations at BioHab Namibia. We will cover blockchain technologies aiming at accurately tracking product quality and provenance and discuss monetizing carbon sequestration and land stewardship. 

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Sustainability and Climate Change
Jan/25 Tue 10:00AM–04:00PM

Operations Research Center IAP Seminar 2022Operations Research is a powerful area for applications involving energy process design, waste minimization, climate change mitigation, scarce resources management, and other problems related to creating more sustainable and environmentally responsible operations. In this seminar, we will engage with a wide range of researchers and practitioners tackling these and other topics via data science, optimization, and other contemporary OR methods.